A vision to transform educators with courses to enhance their teaching, their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their learners. In this way, global education will transform.

NeuroHeart Education Foundation

A vision to transform teaching so that teacher communication becomes more sensitized, optimised and effective, incorporating emotional intelligence, science of learning, heart science and coaching to equip teachers with the necessary soft skills and communication skills for the diverse learners of today.

We offer training courses to teachers, schools, universities and educational institutions across the world, focusing on changing the way we teach, as well as teacher and student wellbeing to enhance education in this globalized 21st Century world.

What is NeuroHeart Education?

It is the vision of an education that stimulates total coherence between the brain and the heart. Today’s children are different, the old systems and ways of teaching do not work like they used to. Adults who learn have changed too; many distractions, too much work, not enough time to dedicate to learning. We all want to learn faster and without stress.

NeuroHeart Education sees a world where educators transform learning with a brain-friendly educational approach that implements neuroscience and professional coaching and helps students and learners. At the same time, it helps schools, institutions and colleges to offer more optimized and effective learning. This mode or way of teaching resonates greatly with today’s students, adapting to them and honoring the person holistically.

In our vision, these educational institutions and organizations are providing an educational program adjusted and closer to the needs of today’s world. Our vision is to equip educators with the tools necessary to deliver their teaching in a more sensitised manner creating a new style of educating –  NeuroHeart Education.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the latest scientific advances, emotional intelligence, the latest approaches and disciplines and their implementation around the world, bringing teachers the necessary soft skills and sensitization to the learners of today.


I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think – Socrates

Our courses are divided into three pillars.

Pillar 1 – Enhancing the way we teach (courses for teachers)

These courses are focused on helping teachers to be more efficient, effective and sensitive to learners of today. In particular, bringing knowledge of neuroscience, neuropsychology, positive psychology, professional coaching and emotional intelligence to educators worldwide.

This will help teachers to communicate in a more effective way and achieve better results, as well be able to troubleshoot and handle learning situations that arise in this post/pandemic world.

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1.1 Neuroheart educational coaching – NHE Foundation

1.2 Positive Education

1.3 Neuroscience in the classroom

1.4 Superstar System – teachers implementing emotional intelligence to help children

1.5 How to help Dyslexic learners

All of our courses are designed to be given online with live trainers or face to face – we believe in enhancing the human touch to counteract all the technological advancements in education. Our trainers and third party providers deliver in person! ​
Pillar 2 – Teacher wellbeing (course for teachers)

In today’s  world and in particular, in schools and learning establishments worldwide, teachers are finding working conditions to be more stressful than ever and especially post/pandemic, we are all now more focused on how to bring more wellbeing to teachers so that they may carry out their daily work and face the challenges of the classroom more and more. These courses are fully focused on teacher wellbeing.

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2.1 Wellbeing, Stress relief and Mindfulness for teachers

2.2 Refilling your tank – how to recover energy

2.3 Teambuilding (for internal staff and also for class management)

2.4 Heartmath – understanding heart coherence

2.5 Coaching and mentoring for individual or groups of teachers

Pillar 3 – Student wellbeing (courses for students)

We have to admit that the pandemic definitely affected students and learners across the world. Research shows how the pandemic affected us and in particular children and teenagers. These courses are fully focused on student wellbeing and how to help children manage themselves emotionally and cope with stress, as well as motivating them and helping them with courses that are useful for 21st century living.

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3.1 Emotional management for children

3.2 Motivation Talks

3.3 How to be an entrepreneur

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