The NeuroHeart Education Foundation

From Dream to Reality. Born December 10th, 2020, Launched 14th February 2021

15 years ago, I came across the expression of Social Entrepreneur and I was fascinated by this. What does it mean? 

Well, for me, it was an aspiration too become a social entrepreneur and this is one of the reasons that throughout the years since setting up my business in 2008, working in a profit-based business, that the aspiration and desire to create a non-profit organisation has always been on my mind. 

In December 2020, that aspiration, desire and dream came true. For me, a social entrepreneur is somebody who is not really focused on making a profit for one’s self.  It’s about making the money circulate. After all, it is true, that what goes around comes around and generating money for everybody is the fervent desire that I have for this foundation that we’ve created. 

The NeuroHeart Education Foundation was born December 2020 and began its fundraising activities in February 2021. The February launch is just the beginning of the journey and for the next 6 months, with your help, we are going to be working hard to take the foundation’s vision and mission into the areas where it is most needed. 

The name NeuroHeart really does set the scene. The foundation is about taking education one step further, from neuroeducation to neuro+heart education. We’ll bring in that coherence, that feeling of harmony and a holistic approach. 

The foundation is dedicated to training teachers who cannot afford teacher training and training teachers in topics such as neuroscience, heart science and Neurolanguage Coaching®. We’re also going to be looking at training teachers in yoga, meditation, nature, and really get teachers to come into areas and delivery that they haven’t done before. 

On the other side, we’ll have a heavy focus on homeschooling children who cannot afford homeschooling or schooling. We’re going to be creating some very innovative curriculum, especially for children at home, including language learning, learning about nature, astronomy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology – all from the perspective of being able to apply what they are learning instantly. 

Children of today, need to be able to apply what they’re learning. It’s no good to learn the theoretical side of mathematics, if nobody knows what it’s for. So, the foundation is going to be designing and delivering laser focused educative programmes based on application and experiential learning. 

Finally, we’re going to be looking at remote schooling and how are we going to help schools get laptops and the equipment they need to be able to teach, school or coach. We’re going to create a range of products that will generate proceeds to help fund all of these services that we want to be offering for free across the world. 

So, a social entrepreneur for me is about really being the entrepreneur. Being at the service of the community, to humanity and the world. And really bringing that service where it is needed. 

Thank you for being part of the journey

Rachel Paling

Meet the Team

Rachel Paling

Foundation President

Gary Houlton

Foundation Vice President

Elsa Sousa

Foundation Secretary